Updates for Jim and Frank


   Our last visit to Jims oncologist for a final PET scan showed that a majority of his liver is now cancer. It is also, inconsequentially, in his lungs. Every day a little bit of him slips away. He so wants to tackle all his little projects around the house. I do my best to let him have his freedom.

   Jim is now on home hospice care. This means he will have all the comforts of home while getting the care and medicines he needs. I want to say thank you to our friends who have stepped up to help. Aric and Stuart were here yesterday wile I went to work for the morning. I am so grateful.  

   How am I? I feel like i'm trying to tame the wind. Or those people you see in a disaster film who know there's no point in running any more. They stop and turn to watch the giant wave they know will consume them. I don't know where or when to surrender.



Last night Bill Cooper, Steve Johnson, Jim, and I went to the Back to the Back Lot party at studio one.  It was a great evening out for Jim and me. Much thanks to our buds Bill and Steve.  The evening was manly in the Back Lot. I stole a look at the old dance floor of my youth. It looked so much smaller then I remember. So many memories.  


Jim is resting and is much better after the calcium reduction therapy. We continue with hydration infusions every three days. We are planning to attend the Studio 1 party tomorrow night 11/9/19. 

I continue to work 2 days a week and so grateful for the help we've got from our friends who are hanging out with Jim wile I'm away from the house. 

     Jim's sister Betsy is returning to Michigan tomorrow. Boy am I going to miss her. Watch out Florence Nightingale, you're about to lose your place. 

F R A N K   B A R R O N 

Los Angeles Artist working in Bronze & Ceramic

Frank Barron was born June 1957 in the southern United States and moved to California at the age of seven. Growing up in California’s San Fernando Valley Frank started painting at age twelve. He is now living in Hollywood, California working in bronze, steel and ceramics.

Porcelain bronze sculpture

I Have A Plate In My Head

Bronze & porcelain 

24" x 20" x 15"


310 560 9085